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Goddess Saraswati devi 999 (99.9%) Pure Silver Electroformed Idol within Gift Glass Case SYC 2GA10


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  • Goddess Saraswati devi 999 Pure Silver Idol
  • Electroforming technology
  • Artifact Collection
  • 999 Pure Silver ( 99.9% Silver )
  • Ideal for Car Dash board, Gift , Spiritual , Show Piece , Home Decorative
  • Designed Idol
  • Unique
  • Free Shipping
  • COD and Digital Payments Available

1,950 2,300 Including GST

1 in stock

Goddess Saraswati devi Silver Idol 999 Pure Silver using Electroforming Technique is a Perfect artifact Collection used for Gift Purpose or Spiritual purpose, Show Piece , Home Decorative or can be used in Car Dashboards. It is crafted with 99.9% pure silver and inside silver idol is lightweight. Silver idol is covered with transparent cubic bottle to avoid damages and to prevent entry of atmosphere air which can easily change color of Pure Silver. Pure Silver Metals easily combine with Natural oxygen and forms Silver oxide due to the very reactive property of 999 Pure silver. Our Protective case also prevent the formation of Silver oxide and maintain the Perfect Glossiness of 999 Silver. In case if you remove casing then a small black layer formation may appear in Idol due to entry of Oxygen and it does not mean any problem in your Idol and it also indicate or Prove the Quality of our Silver. Even though we suggest not to remove the casing or don’t allow the direct exposure to air without the casing.Oxidized silver have it’s own beauty and it’s your choice to keep it oxidized or not. 999 Silver is no doubt a very unique gifting solution and perfect for any purpose.Caring Solution : Handle gently, blot with cloths or tissue paper after applying mild shampoo if necessary for cleaning purpose, Don’t apply milk, water, curd or don’t use flowers or Garland for a prolonged time. Enrich your pooja rooms always or gift the divine beauty or Make your car dash board enriched with Positive energy.
Goddess Saraswati devi is the Hindu goddess of knowledge, music, art, wisdom, and leanings . Saraswati devi is believed to bless people who take up intellectual pursuits and student’s pray to her before examinations. The idol theme is saraswathi devi sitting in a lotus with musical instrument veena.

Product Specifications

Brand Silverycraft
Ideal For Pooja, Car Dash board, Gift , Spiritual , Show Piece , Home Decorative
Making Electroforming technology
Full Diameter 5.00 cm
Full Height 6.7 cm
Silver Weight Approx 5.500 grams
Style Unique
Metal Genuine Silver
Purity 999 Silver (99.9% Pure Silver )
Product Code SYC 2GA10
Model Name Saraswati Devi 999 Pure Electroformed Silver Idol within Gift Glass Case
Protection  Protective Casing
Shape Perfect Designed Idol

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