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925 Sterling Oxidised Silver Chain Crown Necklace With Marcasite Stone And Red Carnelian Stone Model SYC 1N039


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  • Oxidised Silver Necklace
  • Sterling 925 Silver Jewellery
  • Contemporary style
  • Females
  • Free Shipping
  • Beautiful Necklace
  • Silver Pendant with Marcasite Stones and Red Carnelian Stone.

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1 in stock

925 Sterling Oxidised Silver chain Crown Necklace With Marcasite Stone And Red Carnelian Stone Model SYC 1N039. This is ideal  for womens and girls. Unique piece comes on contemporary style perfect for all outfits.  Suitable for birthday functions, wedding ceremony, valentine gifts,engagements and perfect gift for our loved ones. This stylish necklace makes you feel more beautiful and elegant look.

Importance of 925 Sterling Silver : We are aware of the trending style and beauty of Sterling silver but the Most Important Part of Sterling Silver 925 is the health benefits. Silver ions in Silver material has a proven record of antibiotic nature. The excellent way to obtain health improvement from 925 Sterling silver is when it get in touch with the skin. Silver is antibacterial too and helps to improve blood circulation and help remove toxins present in the human body. Some studies even mention about the defensive power of Silver Jewelry against Hazardous electro magnetic radiations emitting from Mobile phones or Laptops. Electrical and Thermal conductivity of Sterling silver 925 is the highlighted quality which indicate the capacity of Sterling silver to distribute electrical power as well as heat across the body.This is why Sterling silver boost the blood circulation, typical healing property and maintain the heat balance. If illnesses arrives , temperature level increases or hormonal change occurs Sterling silver wearing get appear more darker in color. Original 925 Sterling silver are more than 99% non allergic and skin friendly in nature. But Cheap Silver Plated Jewelry available in popular online sites ( in some websites they even wrongly mentioned it as sterling silver ) are dangerous for Skin especially those who have sensitive skin. We recommend to use Genuine quality Sterling Silver to avail health benefits and to avoid cheap fancy Silver Products. 

Pure Silver and 92.5 Sterling Silver : 100% Pure Silver also known as Fine Silver is heavily soft in nature , very malleable and most likely it will get damaged within a short time. It’s not Practically Possible to make Jewelry Products in 100 Percentage Pure silver due because Jewels will bend and have to be straightened. To tackle this and same time to remain the highest Silver Material Quality, 925 Sterling Silver is introduced. Sterling Silver contains 92.5 % Pure silver and alloys on other 7.5 % usually Copper. This helps sterling silver to increase hardness, durability, strength and reduce tarnishing. Silver designers can made Outstanding Trending Silverware collection with sterling silver 925 due to the mentioned properties. 925 Sterling silver Jewellery gives more beauty and elegant look. Sterling silver even suits for black skin tones. Sterling silver enhances beauty and give a pretty modern look. “Sterling silver 925” word is associated with superior quality since ancient times. Silverycraft Luxury Sterling silver Jewel’s are affordable too. 

Caring the Valuable Silver Jewels : Silverycraft Products especially Sterling Silver 925 need less care compared to other brands. Still it’s important to do proper care mainly Keep your precious Silver away from high humidity, Chemicals, Oils, Perfumes, Hair products, water containing Chlorine etc which may cause tarnish in silver. Precious Stones used in Silver Jewels need Special care. Flannel Treated Bags & cloth helps to retard tarnishing in Silver while Long Storage or you can use a Cloth pouch or Separate box for Storage at Home. You can Clean Sterling silver using very soft Banyan cloth. After the tarnish disappears ,rinse your Silver jewellery with water and dry it using a soft cloth. Its is easy to care and usually no maintenance issue occurs. Usual Tarnishing or Silver Color Variation (oxidation) due to interaction with atmosphere is common and it also indicate the symbol of Original silver content in the jewellery. Regular Caring will definitely reduce tarnishing to a great extend.

Product Specifications

Brand Silverycraft
Ideal For Females
Chain Length 32cm
Locket Height 4.5cm
Weight 15.900 Grm
Metal Genuine Silver
Purity 92.5 Sterling Silver
Product Code SYC 1N039
Model Name 925 Sterling Oxidised Silver Chain Crown Necklace With Marcasite Stone And Red Carnelian Stone Model SYC 1N039.
Stone Marcasite stones and Red Carnelian Stone.


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